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Our mission at RocknRolls is to enrich the lives of the children and their families through the sport of competitive cheerleading. Our goal each day is to teach our athletes the value of good habits, commitment, hard work, integrity, leadership, self-confidence, positive attitude and passion for the sport. Each and every family is important to us and our program. You will not get lost in the crowd or feel like just another number.

icon RocknRolls Allstar Tryout Information

RocknRolls Allstars

Tryout fee is $20.  

 This amount is waived when the monthly cheer and tumbling ($65-$70) or

the $240 ($220 for returning cheerleaders) Unlimited cheer and tumbling pass is purchased

Tryout attire:

Wear Black shorts, white or black top, girls high pony tail.  Prefer a bow in the hair.


Tryouts:    (Select only one time period.  Select the time period of the most advanced skills you can perform successfully)

5/16- Tumbling Evaluations (Thursday)

5-6 pm    7 yrs and over (no tumbling skills required)

6-7pm    6 yrs and over (Back handspring required- Level 2)

7-8pm    7 yrs and over (Strong back tuck and multiple standing back handspring required- Level 3)

 8-9pm   7 yrs and over (Layouts and standing tucks required - Level 4/5)



5/17 Tumbling evaluations (Friday)

5-6pm  5-6 yrs (no tumbling required)


If you cannot attend the listed tryouts, please speak to a coach to arrange for an alternate tryout date.


Tuition Cost:  (April 24-Aug 24, 2019….total of 16 weeks)

$200- Unlimited tumbling only (Does NOT include $20 try out fee and does not include cheer classes)

$240- Unlimited tumbling and cheer (includes $20 Try out fee)


Tumbling Requirement:

Please review the attached tumbling requirement form.   Prefer the Most Advanced tumbling skills on levels listed.  Some athletes without the required tumbling skills may be put on an advanced level team due to their advanced stunting ability. 

** Age will be considered first and tumbling/stunting ability will be considered second.  


Levels and Age Groups:

Team age groups and levels change each year.  Coaches will put together the best, most competitive teams possible.


Half Year/Prep Level:   ages 5 yrs-18 yrs

This is a competitive level team.   More advanced Prep Levels will begin practices in June.  This level is perfect for athletes moving to a more advanced level.  


Full Year:     ages 5 yrs-18 yrs

This is an intense competitive level.  Full year begin practices in June.  Dedication and excellent attendance is required to participate at this level.  Athletes who prefer a more lenient atmosphere should choose a Prep Level Team.



We will do all possible to schedule choreography around our athlete’s vacation time.  



Please refer to our Allstar Cheer Cost Grid for each Team Level.


Team assignment:

You will receive a primary team assignment.   This is the team that best suits you age and skill level.   Several athletes will be invited to crossover to a second team.  The crossover team is usually a higher level team.    There is no additional tuition when you are invited to crossover.    We have found athletes who crossover progress faster due to gaining more strength and endurance from the additional practice session each week.    Please know you must agree to participate on your primary team prior to crossing over to the higher level team.